18+ Story: FUNKE MY SEXY SECRETARY (Episode 2)












Episode 2
Following Morning
**meeting with the white man**
I arrived there early with funke so that the white men will know we are serious with the meeting after waiting for about three hours a sexy receptionist walked up into the meeting room to inform us that the white men won’t be around that day so we had to lodge into the hotel but this time around we were provided with two different rooms, immediately funke heard this she looked me with a disappointment face and to be sincere i was also disappointed because my devil won’t be at work tonight so I just acted normal and the receptionist led us to our different rooms…
**8pm same day**
Someone knocked on my door and when I opened the door for the person I realized it was the same room service lady that came, to my greatest surprise she was looking way sexier than she was in the morning so I decided to put my one night stand skills to test, I started with knowing her name and to my greatest surprise she bears the same name as my secretary but the only difference between them was that my own funke was way busty than her although her own is normal but I did not care about that in my current situation because my devil was already complaining .
Soon enough I engaged in a naughty chat with her it was when then she told she has a crush on me but doubts if am way loaded down dere, my devil just shakes its head saying if you know how loaded and energetic I am you would run away from the room instantly.. This actually annoyed the real me not my devil so I decided to teach her a lesson not knowing I was going to meet my nemesis, soon enough I started kissing her and I had the intention of small romance session because I really wanna teach her a great lesson …
Funke: Oga take it easy u wan spoil my lips
Little did she know I had a lot in store for her and luckily she was wearing a tight skirt so there was no need to stress myself in getting her naked, I just laid her on the bed and raised her skirt up that was when I made my biggest mistake because I was already lust into teaching her a lesson to the extent that I forgot to wear a cd ..
Soon enough I was banging her hard that I can see she herself was really enjoying it ..in my head I was happy while I failed to listen to what my devils’ brain was telling me after I felt c-m gathering but I neglected it and I poured all my seed into her. Someone knocked the door, she dressed up and left a c whispered to me don’t worry I’ll clean up, to my surprise my own funke came in .
Funke: Oga oya it’s my turn o, you just dy make person h—y with the way you dealt with that lady..
I just smiled and after then we had just a round before she left for her room.
I woke up around 7am and we were to meet with the white men by 8am, immediately I saw that it was already 7am I dashed into thr bathroom to take my bath and dress up so as to be able to catch up with time, lucky me I got to the meeting room by 7:50am with funke already seated after few mins the white men came in and we had the meeting…
**3 weeks later**
I was in my office when a text came in “We need to talk o ..(from funke)”…

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To b continued!!!

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