What Is Blended Learning and how can it improve our educational system

What Is Blended Learning and how can it improve our educational system

What Is Blended Learning and how can it improve our educational system

With the fast-changing world and technology, new terms pop up every day. One of such words is Blended Learning, One might have to wonder what does this mean.

This term describes the use of technology and user-based learning to improve and enhance the whole learning process.
A new EduTech startup has taken it a step further with blended learning. With the inclusion of animated experiences and creative storytelling, this company has taken it a step further than every other tech company in the educational sector.

MATINATI, founded by former Konga and Jumia Employee, Saint Anuma is set to bring a major improvement to the Nigerian educational sector through this program.
He hopes to bring the required, desired and necessary change as he states to Nigeria.”Changing the narrative of the Nigerian Educational sector has to be done one step at a time and I hope to start with this program”. “Breaking grounds with this program will totally open up Nigeria to the possibilities of technology and the possible advancement it could have on the Nigerian Educational sector”.

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Speaking on what people will gain through this program, The Technical Lead and Operations Manager Olaniyan AbdulGafar says “The program is made to be totally user-centred and thus we are adopting the concept of blended learning with the user controlling the learning process, with controls over basic indicators like time, path and more”. “Parents can track their child’s or ward’s progress through the program, they get videos, e-books and more to help entertain and guide them along the learning process”.

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Furthermore, he continues “The program is also open to schools which makes it easier to have more impact. We created a system that allows schools the ease to embed into their learning spaces hence improving proficiency and preparing them for the future.

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Talking about the core base of the program, Olaniyan says ”It was solely built on the Cambridge curriculum, we decided on this curriculum as it is very rigorous yet beneficial for the students. French and Spanish are included in the curriculum to make sure the kids can compete globally with no language barriers whatsoever”

The program seems promising with more.
We promise to keep you updated as to what is their next move!

Interested parents and schools can either visit their website at www.matinati.com for more info or just send a mail to info@matinati.com.

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