Boijace Biography

Boijace Biography

Ebitimi Eliphus Destiny, known as Boijace is a Nigerian singer songwriter and rapper, with very powerful vocals full of energy and character which makes the singer known for delivering songs that are unbelievably creative and incredible. my belief is,”see things the way you want it to be seen”.

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Boijace is from an extended family of seven, Mom, Dad, step mom and four siblings. Met more on the way but i’d rather not say. Born in Ondo state but grew up in different parts of Nigeria.

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Background Information:

•Birth Name:- Destiny

•DOB:- June 23

Origin: Ondo

•Genres:-Afro pop/Afrobeat /Afro Danchall and Rap.

•Occupation:- Music Artist 

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•Year Active:-2018 Till Date


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